Any parent will tell you that one of the biggest sacrifices that parenthood demands is sleep! Gone are the days of lie ins and breakfasts in bed. At precisely 6am most babies seem to open their eyes, eager for their day to begin. It's that time of day when bleary eyed parents go to their little ones and reach for the coffee. But it’s also the hour that magic happens. When the warm little babies in their pyjamas reach out for you with big gummy or wide toothy smiles, energizing you with their giggles and babbles!


6ambabies hopes to capture the spirit of these morning babies with the fresh & fun collection in our online baby shop UAE!


The people


The people behind are Kirsten van Langeveld and Ayshwarya Chari. We have been friends for several years and our baby girls Misja and Atira were born 6 months apart. Closet entrepreneurs before, our shared motherhood experiences gave us the impetus to translate our ambitions to work for ourselves, combining it with love of design and passion for fun baby stuff. is a reflection of our lives as mothers. The baby clothes, baby gifts and other products we sell are those that we believe in completely. We spend hours on the internet, keep our eyes open while travelling and listen to people around us, constantly looking out for a great new product or a brand that speaks to us. Each product has been handpicked by one of us from suppliers all over the world, because it appeals to our sensibilities as mothers. If we won't put them on our kids, we don't expect you to put them on yours. If we won't pay an exorbitant price, we won't ask you to either.

Our Philosophy


Both of us have the same business ethics and this is reflected in our business philosophy.


We strongly believe in the benefits of organic products and this is reflected in our organic lines. We are always looking to expand this collection and aim to bring in as many lines of organic clothes and toys as possible. Organic products are environment friendly and the natural fabric is great for our baby’s skin. With the rise in levels of intolerances and allergies in babies, organic is clearly the way forward.


Fair-trade is another concept that we strongly support and whenever possible, try to feature products with Fair-trade labels. Many companies do not get a ‘Fair-trade’ label, as the process to get certified is an extensive one. However, they are still very conscious about fair play and make sure that their products are manufactured in workshops where the workers are treated fairly and paid well, and these are the suppliers that we look for.


We also stand by small businesses, international and local. Being small business owners ourselves, we understand the kind of support other small businesses need. While it’s easy for a big brand with lots of money to get international exposure, smaller business owners may need extra support and we are happy to provide it.


In the UAE as well, there are many wonderful people who have started small with their businesses and they will always have a friend in 6ambabies.


We are always on the lookout for new and exciting brands, and would love to hear of any that you may know of. Please send us the details here and we’ll be happy to take a look. As a thank you if we pick your brand, a little something from us will find its way into your mailbox so keep an eye out :). If you are a brand reading this, we are more than happy to hear from you as well.


We hope you enjoy shopping with us and love our collection as much as we do. 


Please do contact us if you require any assistance.